King Schools to Provide FREE Flight Training Syllabi

Friday, July 27, 2012 @ 9:19 AM

John and Martha King announced the immediate availability of free King flight training syllabi for the Private Pilot Certificate and Instrument Rating.

“The use of a syllabus increases learning effectiveness by ensuring that the instructor and their customer both have clearly defined, common goals for each flight lesson,” commented John King. “When using a King Syllabus, customers will know what to expect, and will have the opportunity to learn new concepts at home rather than in the airplane.”

The syllabi are targeted at independent flight instructors and their students and provide direction on how to incorporate the King Schools Knowledge Test Courses, Practical Test Courses and special subject Takeoff video courses.  In all, they create a comprehensive and easy to follow roadmap for Part 61 and Part 141 instruction.

The iFlightPlanner Crew